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Genuine 92.5% Sterling Silver. Complies With International Standards.

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Bracelets are a type of jewelry constantly visible to the wearer, making it a meaningful gift and constant reminder of the giver. Factors to consider when purchasing a bracelet include: style, metal, gemstones, and, in some cases, fit. While some bracelets are free size, others come in different lengths or can be adjusted to fit the wearer.




A chain is formed from a series of connected metal links. Fine metal chains come in a variety of styles and widths.


Similar to chain bracelets, link bracelets are made up of connected links. However, links tend to be much larger and sometimes feature non-metal accents.

Pearl Strand

A pearl strand features a single row of matched pearls.


Made from leather instead of precious metal, bracelet styles include leather cuffs and braided leather bracelets.


Tennis bracelets feature a fixed row of matched diamonds or gemstones.


A charm bracelet is a bracelet adorned with decorative trinkets, often with personal significance. Three popular types are the dangling charm bracelet, the European charm bracelet, and the Italian charm bracelet.



Beaded bracelets feature beads threaded onto string or wire.


A bangle is a rigid bracelet often worn in a stack. A bangle can either be a solid, continuous circle, or be made up of two pieces connected by a hinge (split bangle).


Corded bracelets are made of cord, a thin rope formed from twisted strands. They often feature a metal clasp or metal accents.


A cuff is a solid bracelet with no hinge, clasp, or moveable parts. Though similar to a bangle, a cuff does not form a full circle.

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